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Oral Pathology Hillsboro
Hillsboro, OR

Dental assistant talking to her patient at Beaverton Oral Surgeons in Hillsboro, ORThere are many conditions, diseases, infections, and situations that arise in the oral cavity of our patients. Determining which of these is normal and which warrant attention is important to maintain a high level of oral hygiene. If this is not done appropriately, serious issues like oral cancer, gum disease, or thrush can occur. If you contact our team at Beaverton Oral Surgeons, we can address any issue and discuss proper treatment with you. We can monitor any problems over time to recognize when the pathology changes enough to warrant attention.

What is Oral Pathology?

Oral pathology is a specialty within the field of dentistry. It is considered an involved and well-respected discipline. Oral pathology involves the identification and proper treatment of diseases that affect not only the mouth but the jaw as well. The ultimate goal is to identify these conditions and provide the best treatment.

For most patients, a healthy mouth means there is a coating along the inner lining of the mouth called the mucosa. It is a layer of skin that is both pink and smooth. When no diseases or infections are present, the mucosa will appear bright and pink and have no anomalies present. When our team recognizes the color has started to change, this is indicative that the pathology of the mouth has changed.

There are numerous indicators our staff look for when determining if a patient's oral pathology has changed. If there are white patches present on the interior of the cheek or along gums or if there are red sections in the mouth, it is important to have our office properly analyze them. If there are lumps or thickening of the skin, areas of the mouth that seem to bleed regularly, or if there is a pronounced problem with swallowing or chewing, these are also signs.

Keep in mind that you may notice some of these signs without any pain at all. The best way to keep yourself protected is to know how your mouth typically feels and looks. You can then notice when changes occur.

Are All Oral Pathologies Dangerous?

Perhaps the most serious concern with changing oral pathologies is the early identification of oral cancer. Most patients immediately think every anomaly present is an indicator of oral cancer but in fact, that is not true. The vast majority of oral pathologies discovered are not serious issues and can be cleared up quickly and easily, such as thrush. It is important to note, however, if patients discover changes in their mouths from what they typically find, it is important to come in and have a proper evaluation done. By doing this we can determine what the issue might be and what treatment to recommend.

Oral health and overall health go hand in hand, so it is important to pay attention to changing conditions of the mouth. By coming in for cleanings at Beaverton Oral Surgeons and allowing us to properly assess your oral cavity, we are able to more quickly diagnose any issues which arise. Particularly with serious conditions such as gum disease and oral cancer, the earlier the detection the more successful the treatment will be. When you are ready to discuss an appointment call us at (971) 249-8370.

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