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Why Your Jaw May Be Hurting After a Recent Fall

Posted on 3/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Woman holding jaw after fall and is waiting to be seen at Beaverton Oral Surgeons in Hillsboro, ORJaw pain can seriously impact your ability to speak, eat, and go about your daily life. There are many potential causes of jaw discomfort, ranging from dental issues to traumatic falls or accidents. If you have recently experienced a fall or other accident, it is possible you sustained an injury that is now causing persistent jaw pain. Here is why your jaw may be hurting in the aftermath of a fall.

The Fall-Jaw Pain Connection

One of the main reasons your jaw could be hurting is acute trauma from the accident itself. During a fall, the forceful impact may have caused whiplash-type neck motion that dislocated or strained your jaw joint. A dislocated or injured jaw joint can cause pain very similar to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder pain. Jaw injuries from falls can sometimes radiate into problems with your teeth, too. For example, a severe jaw infection may eventually impact the stability and health of nearby teeth. This is why it is so important to have one of our professionals evaluate any jaw pain or injury and provide appropriate treatment to address underlying issues.

Other Common Jaw Pain Culprits

In addition to falls, several other factors can contribute to jaw discomfort. Grinding or clenching your teeth habitually, a condition called bruxism, strains the joint and jaw muscles, leading to aches. This unconscious grinding wears down teeth and can misalign your jaw over time. People with bruxism often experience sharp pain when speaking or eating due to the excessive pressure on the jaws.

Previous jaw fractures that did not heal properly can also cause long-term jaw pain when pressure is applied to that area. General dental issues like misaligned teeth can shift your bite and lead to compensatory jaw movements that cause aches and pains, too. Regular visits to our offices are key for catching oral health problems early before they progress into more serious jaw conditions down the road. If you are experiencing persistent jaw pain after a fall or for any other reason, come see us for an evaluation. Our experts will provide the treatment you need!

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