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Financing Tips For Upcoming Dental Procedure

Posted on 11/15/2023 by Dr Anthony Bouneff
Group of smiling older women with dental implants from Beaverton Oral Surgeons in Hillsboro, ORMany insurance companies have a yearly cap on the amount of compensation they pay for dental treatment, and unfortunately, the maximums are extremely low in comparison to the expense of dental treatment. Dental insurance helps one get the most out of an insurance plan, regardless of the exact amount the insurance restrictions apply. Since tooth health affects the rest of the body, there are blurry borders between a dental procedure and what is considered medical practice. Dental procedures are not covered by medical insurance, but some components are paid for in certain circumstances.

The dentist's office offers payment plans.

It's easier to manage payments if you make them weekly or monthly rather than in a complete lump sum. Dental offices may provide flexible payment options for procedures that aren't covered by insurance. While these payments differ depending on the dentist, ensure you double-check the terms of any payment plan you're contemplating. Payments are made at the dentist's office or through a third-party service such as Care Credit.

Health saving account (HSA)

Another alternative for financing a dental procedure is using a credit card. The HSA allows you to put in some monthly money to cater to medical expenses, including dental treatment. Consequently, it lowers the total health expenses because it's pre-taxed money. Many people prefer to utilize the money in their HSA to assist with co-pays or dental procedures since most dental care accepts this form of payment.

Negotiating techniques

In modern society, dental work expenses can now be bargained. It's a good idea to go through your treatment plan with your dentist in detail. Some dentists may provide a discount. Suppose your dentist is willing to work out a payment plan with you or postpone your costs for a few months. In that case, a harmonized financial strategy is agreed upon depending on your prevailing financial situation.

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