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Sharing a Fork Can Spread Gum Disease

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Dr Anthony Bouneff
Sharing a Fork Can Spread Gum DiseaseNowadays, it is very important to know if your significant other or one of your close family has an STI or an eye-raising infection. If you fit in the category of most people, you have probably shared a spoon with a friend or a water bottle with a random stranger. Maybe you have even shared a toothbrush. This may sound like a joke but you can get a gum disease from kissing, sharing a drink, or even a utensil. The latter can exchange millions of bacteria at a go, putting you at risk.

How Does the Exchange Happen?

The mouth consists of bacteria that are both good and bad. The bad bacteria include the ones that are responsible for the cause of cavities and gum disease. Sharing a fork with someone that has gum disease can increase the concentration of bad bacteria in the victim's mouth. This can eventually lead to the development of dental problems due to the increase of the problematic bacteria in the mouth. If the victim already suffers from poor oral hygiene, the likelihood that gum disease (such as periodontal) and tooth decay will follow is high.

Periodontitis can be passed to anyone, including from mother to child. The saliva shared is enough to transmit diseases and the bacteria that cause them.

The Good News

Unlike the flu or STIs, gum disease occurs differently. For gum disease to flourish, there must be the transmission of bad bacteria and an unhygienic oral environment. In the case of children, a weak immune system can come to play. By practicing good oral hygiene and visiting us for regular teeth cleaning and checkups, you can keep gum diseases at bay. Be free to contact us for more information about gum disease.
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